5 Must-Have Baby Toys for Your Home

5 Must-Have Baby Toys for Your Home

Babies don’t need much when it comes to entertainment. They can happily stare at a ceiling fan for hours with a look of wonder on their face. A simple stroll in the park or trip to the store provides numerous wonders and curiosities for little minds to discover. Babies’ cognitive functions grow so rapidly the first year of life that you don’t need to run out and buy every toy on the planet, but some classic options are great to have on hand to entertain your baby when Mom or Dad need a break. Here is a list of our favorite developmentally appropriate toys for your little tot.


Rattles are generally the first toy people think to gift a baby as they are a simple and classic toy. The first rattles date back thousands of years and for good reason, they’re not just a source of entertainment and fun but also teach babies valuable skills. Babies learn to track sights and sounds as well as coordinate their movements to grasp, hold, shake, and explore, all while supporting healthy brain development.

Rattles have certainly come a long way throughout the years. If you’re looking for some great modern rattles, look no further than this complete set. This 10-piece combined rattle and teether set stimulates multi-sensory learning from infancy and provides entertainment and teething comfort anywhere. The BPA-free, non-toxic silicone material is lightweight and safe for all babies. Providing multi-sensory learning, these teether rattles can soothe teething pain and provide hours of entertainment and learning at home or on the go. They’re easy to clean and sterilize for safe play and the variety of colors, shapes and styles will keep babies interested and engaged.   

3-in-1 Drawstring Playmat

When introducing little ones to independent play it’s important to create a safe and clean play space. Babies are notorious for exploring their surroundings, but a fistful of dog hair, handful of dirt or mouthful of sand may leave them feeling a little crabby. With the 3-in1 drawstring playmat, babies have a clean and safe place to play that is portable and easy to take with you wherever you may find playtime. Take the mat out at home, the park or the beach and you have a ready-made, clean, play space that keeps all toys within reach of your little one. When playtime is over simply pull the drawstring to cinch closed and toys are neatly organized away in a handy storage bag. The mat is reversible with multiple play scenarios and rimmed to keep all toys on the mat and within reach. The perfect ready-to-go play space and storage bag for any family.  

Baby Soother Security Blanket

It’s tough to be a baby. They leave the warmth, comfort and security of their mother’s womb to join a great big, scary world. When your little one needs a little extra security, check out the awesome security blanket soothers on mom.shop. With 9 animal designs to choose from, these soothers will provide comfort and sensory exploration for your child at any time of day. Made from safe and non-toxic materials, the soft, textured, minky fabric feels comforting on baby’s skin with various designs that include teethers and soothing sounds. For elastic, and durable teether options choose the cow, bear or elephant, and for soothing crinkly and rattle sounds, choose the rabbit or sheep. These soft soothers will quickly become your child’s favorite toy for naptime, bedtime and anytime in between.


Innovative Hand Teether

This innovative hand teether is the perfect tool to prevent hand sucking and teething pain, while simultaneously teaching fine motor skills used for eating. Small enough to throw in your diaper bag for entertainment on the go, the textured surface offers multiple biting zones to soothe teething discomfort and can even be refrigerated for extra soothing power. The interesting fish design prevents your baby from sucking their fingers which can cause teeth malformation and also provides the anatomically correct hand grasp for fine motor skills development. The food-grade silicone is BPA-free and safe for sensory exploration.


Castle Blocks 88 pc Set

Wooden blocks are a beloved classical toy throughout the generations for a reason. Building blocks have been scientifically proven to stimulate social skills like open-ended, imaginative play, fine motor and gross motor skills, abstract and mathematical thinking, creativity, and can even help with literacy. This 88 piece set made from premium Beechwood, is made with eco-friendly, water-based paint. The large, smooth, and round-edged blocks are safe for children as young as 6 months old, and as a “grow with me” product, these blocks will be a favorite toy for years to come. Construct a castle with your little one, let them knock it down and build it all over again. You’re sure to have hours of fun together!

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