Introducing Your Little One to New Foods This Holiday Season

Introducing Your Little One to New Foods This Holiday Season

The holiday season is filled with joy and excitement, especially when you are introducing your little one to family traditions. All over the world, we celebrate diverse traditions that are unique and special, but the one thing they all have in common is a big meal shared with loved ones! Family dinners can become stressful when you’re in the process of trying new foods with your baby, but we’ve got some tips and tricks to make your holiday meal a little less stressful and child-friendly.

Make it fun 

Make mealtime fun and engaging by using a plate that has divided sections. The Baby Platemat from Küb encourages your child to try new foods without feeling overwhelmed. While you decide what foods go on the plate, your baby gains control by choosing which foods they want to try from each section. The Baby Platmate from Mom.Shop is not just for babies though, it’s perfect for toddlers as well. The plate is designed with an owl shape to captivate your child and let them have fun while eating with a strong suction bottom that keeps accidental spills at bay. 

Try it before the big day

Think ahead! Before the upcoming holiday season, start incorporating typical foods into your kids’ meals. Throughout the week, add new foods to their meals. One night green beans, the other sweet potatoes, and so on. This familiarizes your child so that on the big day they feel comfortable with all the different food options!

Incorporate in stages

What are kids' typical favorite types of foods? To get kids to start eating new foods for the first time, begin by introducing the food with something they already know and trust. For example, add peas to pasta they already know and love or serve sweet potatoes in french fry format with ketchup. You can also add spices or sauce to entice your little one, then gradually add less each time until they are eating the new food without any add ons. Another approach is to present the new food or sauce on the side. For example, gravy can be placed on the side of the mashed potatoes, and your child has the freedom to add as much or as little as they want. Both Mom.Shop plates are perfect for this because they have divided sections. 

Save Grandma’s favorite dishes

It’s that time of year when grandma takes out her best china dishes and sets the table beautifully. Bringing your own plate to the party will help prevent an accidental break or spill. The feeding set from Mom.Shop is made from silicone and is baby-proof!! The suction bottom helps prevent slippage and keeps the plate firm on the table. The set also comes with a bowl, bibs, cup, and two spoons to make eating easy, independent, clean, and fun.

Involve them in traditions 

Have your children take part in traditions. When kids are involved in preparing or making the food, they are more likely to want to try it. So be creative and include your little ones in the prep process! Whether it’s adding marshmallows to the sweet potatoes or putting the green beans in the casserole, they will love assisting and being made to feel important. Cooking is a great bonding experience and sensory activity too! Turn it into a yearly tradition for the whole family!

We wish you an amazing holiday season with your loved ones. Get your holiday dinner ready in a child-friendly way with the Feeding Set and Baby Platemate at Mom.Shop

*Remember to consult your pediatrician before introducing your baby to new foods. 

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