More than just learning how to walk.

More than just learning how to walk.

The day your baby takes their first steps is a day you will always remember! Learning to walk is one of the most exciting developmental milestones. How can you help your child reach this important stage of motor development? Baby walkers are a safe and fun way to introduce your baby to walking at an early age.

1: How Walking Develops 

Little adventure seekers will start to explore their surroundings as they gain more mobility. When babies begin to develop the skills to walk, they go through stages. First, they begin grabbing onto objects that they can use for support to stand. Then, many babies will start “cruising” by holding onto objects around them as handrails. This is when a baby walker is essential. A baby walker gives the baby a safe and secure object to grab onto and encourages them to establish the correct form to promote walking. The baby walker helps build the strength and coordination needed to maintain an upright position for walking.

2: Introduce your baby! 

How do you introduce your baby to something completely new? Start slowly, by only using the baby walker for ten to fifteen minutes per day. Play and sing with them as they become familiar with its various functions. As your baby becomes more comfortable, gradually add more time until they start eagerly reaching for it on their own! The baby walker will help increase their muscle strength and build their confidence until they can walk independently!

3: Benefits

As your baby is learning to walk, they will also start developing many more important motor skills. Sitting, reaching, pulling up, standing, and pushing are all strengthened. As babies figure out how to activate the lights and sounds, they learn how their actions make fun things happen! By stimulating your child’s brain development through play with colorful shape recognition, cause and effect, and sensory learning, our baby walker offers so much more than just a tool for walking.

4:  Safety

By taking precautions while using the baby walker, your baby will learn to walk in a safe environment. Creating an open area where the baby will not get stuck, and frustrated is important. Also, it is extremely imperative to stay away from any stairs where your child could fall down.  Supervising your baby to make sure their feet don't get run over by the wheels will help prevent trips and falls. The exclusive triangular design of our walker provides more stability to unsteady babies and toddlers while the locking wheels assure that the walker won’t move too fast before the child is ready. All materials are BPA-free, and the removable pieces do not pose a choking hazard.

5: Engage

Our baby walker is for more than just learning how to walk. Interactive lights and music stimulate and engage your child's senses and keep them entertained.  The removable panel provides extended play options and fine motor skill development. Various textures, colors, and shapes promote cognitive abilities. Parents and babies will love this interactive and engaging developmental push toy walker.


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