Affiliate Program

How do I sign up for the Affiliate Program?

It’s very easy. At the bottom of our website you´ll find the affiliate´s section.

1.- Sign up and log in to the affiliate portal.

2.- Once your profile is approved by our team and you have signed the Brand Ambassador Program Agreement, you’ll receive a unique referral link and a 10% coupon code to share with your followers. Inside our affiliate portal, you’ll also find all the creative materials such as banners, copywriting examples and main messages to make it easier for you to promote our products.

3.- Once you have your affiliate link and code, you can start sharing them on your blog, facebook, instagram, twitter etc.

4.- Every time your followers visit our store through the referral link and purchase any products, the visit is tracked and you’ll receive a commission of 10% for the sale.

5.- You can keep track of every referral sale you provided through our portal, and check your commissions.

6.- At the end of each month, you’ll be asked to send us an invoice for the pending commission value for that month, and we will proceed with payment through Paypal. 

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