Our purpose is to raise joyful children all over the world.

We rethink the chores of parenting so you don’t have to.

Mom.Shop is the platform that provides all the products parents need from the moment they receive the good news that a new family member is arriving.

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Baby Walker

The Küb Interactive Baby Walker supports brain and motor skill development while also entertaining your baby or toddler while they practice walking

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Smart Baby Chair

Discover our most popular product!

The Smart Baby Chair has been designed and manufactured to adapt to the needs of the family, thanks to its comfort, design and customization. Küb has developed a smart product for smart parents that guarantees a comfortable eating experience for our children.

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100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes

100% plant-based, family-friendly pure Cotton USA™ wipes. Our Cotton Dry wipes are here to help you perform a deep skin cleanse any time of day. Clear your skin of daily impurities, clean sweat after working out, dry your skin with an extra soft pure wipe or just remove make-up. No chemicals. Just premium cotton. Suitable for adults, children, babies, and everything in between.

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Safety Lock

Baby-proof cabinet locks with 5 adjustable lengths functionality.

Double lock design, strong 3M back adhesive, adjustable length, available in 5 different colors. Safe, reliable and firm.


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