Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Winter Layering Must-Haves

Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Winter Layering Must-Haves

Whether they’re building a snowman or playing in the park, warm clothing is an essential part of any child’s winter wardrobe. Parent’s know that it’s important to buy quality clothing to protect their children and avoid frosted fingers and even frostier attitudes, but when kids grow faster than the seasons change, price is just as important as quality. At Mom.Shop we’ve got you covered with great cold weather essentials to keep your little ones warm this winter without emptying your wallet.

Let’s start with the base. Creating a base warm layer for your kids is important for locking in warmth from the inside out. The base layer (or layer closest to your child’s skin) wicks moisture and should be tight fitting and snug without constricting movement. Our favorite base layer Mom.Shop top is the Unisex Thermal Top available in 9 colors for only $6.99. Soft, cashmere-like fabric feels great against the skin while German thermal technology offers superior heating and moisture absorption. Perfect to layer or wear alone.

Another great base layer is our Toddler Thermal Underwear Set with 5 adorable patterns to choose from. The quilted cotton blend keeps kids warm with excellent breathability, a snug fit, an easy, pull-on function and adorable style. Available in toddler sizing with shirt and pants included for only $10.99.

Now that we’ve got the base layer down, you can layer upon that with the middle layers. The middle layer insulates the body to keep it warm and cozy by creating pockets of warm air between the base layer and next middle layer. Some great materials to look for are wool, down and fleece. The right fit of this layer should be close to the body without restricting movement. On warmer, dry days this can be the last layer and no outer layer is needed. Check out our Mom.Shop faves.

When you have your base and mid-layers covered, the final layer is the outer layer or shell which should be lightweight and weather resistant.  Jackets, coats and water resistant pants are generally used as the last layer of clothing but first defense against the cold, wind, rain, and snow. Good jackets keep the elements at bay, but breathe well and allow kids to move freely. Winter pants provide extra insulation, wind and water resistance. Here are our handpicked Mom.Shop selections for great winter jackets and pants for kids to play in the cold, wind, rain and snow. 

Last but not least, top off any of our cute selections with an adorable hat and matching scarf. 

Mom.Shop is here to help you shop smart. By shopping directly with the manufacturer, you save big on quality and adorable clothing for your children. Layer up with Mom.Shop and let your kids enjoy the cold weather all season long!

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